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Why Are Seams So Important With Vinyl Deck Membranes?

Posted by Lindsey on Jun 26, 2017 1:55:22 PM


Deck Membranes: All They Seam To Be

Deck Membrane Seam Importance - Vinyl deck membranes themselves are completely 100% waterproof. The places that aren't made 100% waterproof are place where two pieces of material come together, or seams. This is why seams are so important when you're trying to make a product that that is 100% waterproof across the board (or deck in this case). Our friends Grant Barlow and MyWaterproofDeck have a video that explains the importance of deck membrane seams.


  • The seams are bullet proof - here's why?
  • Strongest, most impervious waterproof bond in the world.
  • Back-welding an inside connection — and what that means.
  • Fabric "wicking" and why this won't affect you.
  • Encapsulating the deck skins.

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