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How do I waterproof my deck in 1 step?

Posted by Lindsey on Jun 19, 2016 2:35:25 PM


One-Step Waterproofing

Hi, it's Lindsey, your friend over at IntelliDeck.

We’ve all heard it before- you want a waterproof deck, because you want to enjoy the living space underneath the deck-- even in rainy weather. One hundred years ago, painted canvas was applied to porch floors to protect the wood structure and flooring. Today, we have beautiful, long lasting textured vinyl membranes for bone dry protection. Doesn't it make sense to waterproof from above, rather than under a drip through deck?

  • IntelliDeck  is ready for immediate use once installed.
  • It protects the structure and everything beneath, keeping everything below the membrane dry!
  • IntelliDeck is ideal for elevated decks. In fact, it has been sold in Canada for 20 years for these types of applications.

 As you know, most underdeck waterproofing systems are costly and cumbersome to install. IntelliDeck is a one step waterproofing solution that is only slightly more expensive than pressure treated but installs in one step in one day!

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