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Installer Spotlight - Great Construction Solutions

Posted by Rachel on Mar 10, 2017 4:38:15 PM


IntelliDeck Installer Spotlight   


Grant Barlow - Great Construction Solutions

For 30+ years, Grant Barlow has been installing decking membranes in North America. Previously an installer with another major decking brand, Grant puts 100% of his business behind IntelliDeck. He is the master trainer for all certified IntelliDeck Installers. Grant’s personal business is dedicated to customer service and the most warrantable installations for decking membranes on the continent- which is why when we install your IntellIDeck, you can be glad it’s the Grant Barlow Method.

Go to mywaterpfoofdeck.com to see why Grant is the only waterproofing expert to give the 30 year warranty on installation of IntelliDeck Luxury Vinyl Flooring. 

"Grant Barlow's service was outstanding. He was confident and made us feel confident as well. The result was excellent. Having someone with experience makes a difference in both how you feel about the construction and repairs. We will call on Grant again when the need arises."
Bruce Wilkoff,
Chagrin Falls, OH

"I’m so pleased with the way everything turned out! The decking looks wonderful, and Grant did a really super job. Be assured I will be talking up Grant to anyone I hear about in need of a (waterproofing) contractor. There is something to be said about integrity in business. Grant Barlow certainly personifies that."

Shirley Wishner
Cleveland, OH

 In 1973, Grant was asked to waterproof a rooftop deck over a rear entrance way to a small commercial building. On the second floor of this building was an office. The office had a door that lead out to the deck. The deck was one of those old-fashioned, flat decks with white metal pipes for deck railings.

It's kind of funny, because the deck was not in a very nice place. It was crammed in between tall, skinny two-story homes packed very tightly together. The area where the building existed was known as "Little Italy".

The deck was covered in a tar paper which was coated with black, gooey tar that dried to a hard, dull finish. You've seen this kind of deck or elevated porch if you've been around a while. In those days, no one thought twice about aesthetics of decks, balconies and porches. There are thousands of these decks still in existence from coast to coast.

Below the deck was a rear entrance way. The entrance way had beautiful wooden paneled walls that lead up a flight of stairs to the second floor office. The second floor had been used as a gambling parlor during Prohibition. It was crafted by old-world Italian artisans — and it was beautiful.

One day, the deck coating failed and water started leaking into the beautiful wood paneled walls of the hallway below. Then, water began leaking back into the structure. It happened at the joint where the walls of the building met the floor of the deck. Of course, black mold followed.

Grant Barlow had a reputation through the quaint neighborhood for being a capable, honest, hardworking remodeling expert. He was summoned to the building and asked if he could waterproof the deck permanently. He said believed he could.

He went to work perfecting a process that would eventually end in his creating "My Waterproof Deck.com".

So, what does all this have to do with the 30 Year Unconditional Guarantee against leaking? Everything.

You see, I was the tenant in that commercial building thirty-five years ago. My business partner at the time actually hired Grant to do the repairs. But, thirty-five years later that deck waterproofing job STILL doesn't leak. And, thirty-five years later I still respect Grant's amazing skills. So much so, that I now own some of "MY WATERPROOF DECK".

Grant Barlow warranties his installations for 30 years.

Our vinyl waterproof deck skins are commonly called, "Luxury Vinyl Deck Skins". That's a fine way to explain them to academics. We, however, prefer to compare their amazing waterproof, slip-resistant, durability to that of the Whale Shark — natures most waterproof, most durable, and thickest skin on earth. Call it a "membrane" or call it a "deck skin". Either way there is nothing tougher you can adhere to your decks, balconies, or porches than this!

Although we're based in Cleveland, Ohio, we do travel all over the country to perform our services. So, tell us about your project no matter where you're located.


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