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Where Else Can Deck Membranes Be Used?

Posted by Lindsey on Jun 26, 2017 1:09:40 PM


Oh, The Places Deck Membranes Go

Deck Membrane Places - The bottom line is this: Deck membranes can be put just about anywhere you want them to go. They're versatile and especially good at waterproofing and slip resisting surfaces. Not only can they really go places, but they usually do it much better than the other options.

These slip-resistant, vinyl waterproof deck skins have many, many other residential and commercial applications.  Here's a partial list of places our deck skins can, and do, make a huge difference in maintenance, insurance liability control, sanitation, and countless other benefits:

• Wheelchair Ramps;
• Gyms (residential and commercial);
• Laboratories;
• Commercial Kitchens;
• Laundromats;
• Hotels;
• Garages;
• Preschools;
• Medical Clinics;
• Hospitals;
• Pool & Hot Tub areas;
• Washrooms


  • Waterproof vinyl deck skins can be installed anywhere a low-maintenance, slip-resistant, waterproof environment is important for safety, aesthetics, efficiency, or durability.
  • Wheelchair ramps.
  • Commercial kitchens.
  • And, many, many other uses this product is superior at when compared to just about all other waterproof options!

Grant Barlow and MyWaterproofDeck put together a video to talk about all the places that deck membranes go. Check it out below.


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