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IntelliDeck provides solutions! Concrete rooftop pool deck at Biscayne Suites in Ocean City, NJ

Posted by Lindsey on May 22, 2016 3:49:33 PM


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Hi, it’s Lindsey from IntelliDeck.

In this blog, I wanted to feature an IntelliDeck install that took place recently in Ocean City, New Jersey using our Venetian Taupe pattern.  We were contacted by Biscayne Suites in Ocean City, New Jersey, to solve a leaking problem on their roof top deck with IntelliDeck solutions. The deck was made of concrete and many layers of fiberglass paint had been applied in an attempt to stop the leaks that were occurring. The fiberglass paint did not stop the leaks in the concrete that were progressing into the living spaces below. 

IntelliDeck to the rescue! IntelliDeck is the perfect choice, because it is a functional and stylish one step waterproofing solution (yes, even a concrete waterproofing solution), especially for projects above living spaces, because IntelliDeck protects the substructure underneath.   With cool colors™ technology, IntelliDeck is able to provide a slip resistant walking surface with a comfortable temperature during the summer, so no burned feet- even with the sun shining bright! IntelliDeck created an inviting and stylish pool deck, turning the outdoor living space from bland to vacation worthy for years to come.


The Deck:


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