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IntelliDeck- Installation Video

Posted by Lindsey on Feb 5, 2016 2:55:55 PM




The installation of IntelliDeck takes 8 easy steps. The substructure for an IntelliDeck deck is 90% the same as for any decking material. There is no need to use pressure treated/chemically treated lumber as IntelliDeck is a one step waterproofing product.


Step 1- Frame it- Build the 16 inch on center frame of the deck.

Step 2 - Cover it- Tongue and Groove plywood is “glued and screwed” to deck joists.

Step 3 - Sand it- Sand the surface to ensure that it is flat.

Step 4 - Glue it- Apply glue.

Step 5 - Adhere it- IntelliDeck is fully adhered to the plywood.

Step 6 - Weld it- Any IntelliDeck seams and details are heat welded to ensure that they don’t leak.

Step 7 - Fasten it- Mechanically fasten perimeter.

Step 8 - Enjoy it!


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