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Can I Have Deck Railing With Deck Membranes?

Posted by Jacob on Jun 26, 2017 12:38:35 PM


Have Your Deck and Your Railings Too

Deck Railings - You might think that you can't have deck railings when you use a deck membrane, but then you'd be wrong. Yes, it's true that you need to make holes in order to properly attach the railing, but it's not a problem for Grant Barlow and MyWaterproofDeck. They know exactly what works and what won't.


  • Aluminum powder coated are superior and very long lasting!
  • Hundreds of styles and colors.
  • Designed to disappear from view when looking out from your deck.
  • Designed with long-term waterproofing properties built in!
  • Using polyurethane in the deck railing posts for exceptional waterproofing capabilities.  (No one else does it!)

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Check out the video put together on the topic below.


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